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Things To-Do Over Summer Break (Stay At Home Edition)

I know… you don’t really want to hear more news about the pandemic or the number of community cases in Singapore or about the new COVID-19 variants. Hey, I hear you! I’m tired of hearing about it too.

Personally, I’m on summer break so I don’t have school and suddenly I’ve got so much time on my hands that I don’t really know what to do with it! And yes, there is so much I can do to make the time that I have productive like learning a new language or upgrading myself with new skills but I just can’t help but feel bummed out that I have to spend summer break at home, considering that the new restrictions really limit social gatherings outside.

I’m tired of letting the pandemic “control” what I do in so many ways. I’m on summer break and I’m determined to have fun, even if ‘fun’ is a little different from what I imagined it to look like.

Here’s a list of some things you can do in the comfort and safety of your home and still have tons of fun:

1. Card or Board Games

I’ve forgotten how fun these can be! The last time I busted out my card game stash was years ago! I’m so grateful to my friends who have introduced these new games to me. Scrabble may be old-school but with the right people and a little squeezing of some brain juice can make it a marvelous time - I speak from experience! Some other games like the Singapore Dream have ‘updated versions’ where the game has funny references to the pandemic.

I love that games like these serve as a reminder that you don’t always need technology to entertain yourself or have to constantly spend money to have fun. Sometimes, it’s all about the people you’re with!

Some of my favourite games at the moment include: Cluedo, The Singaporean Dream, Exploding Kittens, Organ Attack, Avalon, Scrabble.

2. Online or Mobile Games

Technology is not all bad! Especially in ensuring we’re all “connected” even in the middle of a pandemic. There is a wide variety of online and mobile games available that you can play with those at home and also with family or friends online.

Some examples include, a fun multiplayer online drawing and guessing game or virtual escape rooms. Houseparty is an app that allows you to call your friends and simultaneously play games with them and these games can be found within the app itself - how convenient! These games include: UNO, Quick Draw!, Karaoke and Heads Up!

3. Movie Nights!

I miss going out to the cinema, buying popcorn or nachos and watching a movie with friends and family! However, I’ve grown to love cosying up with my blanket and pillows on the bed or sofa with the light dimmed as I watch a movie or TV show. Creating your own version of a home cinema and watching your comfort film can be just as enjoyable. You certainly can choose whichever movie you feel like watching based on your own personal collection of films or whatever is available on the streaming services you use! Such platforms do release new items so you’ll never run out of options! Have fun, but make sure you don’t deprive yourself of sleep, yeah? 😋

4. Dance It Out

Depending on the person, what constitutes fun may vary! For some, exercising … but for others, it may not and that’s fine! Though, one way to get a good workout in without having to feel like you’re actually working out is through dance. You can even have a good laugh while you’re at it too! The app, Just Dance Now, allows you to do just that! With an internet-connected screen and your smartphone to use as a controller, you can have your very own dance-off at home. How entertaining!

5. Cooking or Baking

I’m of the opinion that everyone should be able to cook! It really is a very important skill for when you’re trying to be more independent or watching your calorie intake or simply just trying to save money by cooking meals at home and not buying out. Ha - take that, gender roles!

Baking can also be a really fun activity! If you’re looking to start with an easy recipe, our ELEVEN members have put together a video of how to make Honey Cornflakes! Yum. (Who says this delicacy can only be enjoyed during Eid? 😉)

The pandemic has and continues to impact and take a toll on everyone in our community. I know, times are hard. Working from home can be challenging. Home-based learning is just not the same. Limiting face-to-face social interactions may be disappointing. This (and more!) can all affect our mental well-being too. I urge you to check up on your family and friends. Look out for one another. Hang in there.

Here’s a friendly reminder that this period is not a race or competition of who can be the most productive with the time we have. You don’t have to pressure yourself with learning a new language or skill or completing a course that has been made free during the pandemic. Productivity can look different each day. Do what feels right for you.

For me, this translates to taking this time to really spend it with your loved ones at home. I know I’m guilty of not spending enough time with them, being distracted by other things! Or maybe spend time on yourself. Best of all, connecting with Him.

Stay safe and take care folks! Much love.


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