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what is ELEVEN? is the official publication of Nanyang Technological University Muslim Society (NTUMS). Beginning as a simple newsletter and evolving rapidly into a beloved print magazine, ELEVEN's brand centres around creative expression, intellectual discourse, spiritual engagement, and the exchange of ideas. It is this broad ethos that motivated the team to bring the content into the online space.


The name ELEVEN derives from the addition of five and six, representing the 5 Pillars of Islam and 6 Tenets of Faith respectively. These serve as guiding principles to the issues ELEVEN explores just as they act as the foundation to our religion. ELEVEN centres much of our ethos around these ideas, and produces content to appeal not only to Muslims but to the community at large, too. We also accept submissions from the public in the spirit of encouraging expression and reflection among the community. 


mission & vision

Mission: Equating our faith (5+6=11) by producing and showcasing artistic and literary works and engaging in discourse.

Vision: To be an Islamic publication that serves youths in the community and is a go-to platform for creative expression.

our history

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Meet The Contributors
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ELEVEN Magazine


ELEVEN Magazine started as a newsletter produced by the NTUMS Publications Subcommittee. While content was gathered by a group of permanent writers, the designs were executed by the subcommittee members. This newsletter was supplemented by a number of concomitant initiatives, both in print and in digital media.


ELEVEN Magazine was recognised as an official adhoc committee during the term of the 28th NTUMS Executive Committee. This allowed ELEVEN to function as a full team of editors, designers and finance officers to curate content and to raise funds for ELEVEN's initiatives. ELEVEN's start as an adhoc marked the beginning of outreach initiatives and online campaigns.


Over the next four years, each ELEVEN team contributed new ideas and initiatives that added value to the ELEVEN brand. This included Expressions with ELEVEN (a roundtable discussion as a lead-up to the magazine's launch) and the Meet-The-Contributors Session, with each event designed to enrich the experience of the committee and engage the community.


The year marked a watershed moment for ELEVEN where years of groundwork dating back to the 9th committee was brought to fruition by the 13th committee, who successfully launched, ELEVEN's freshly minted online platform, serving fresh content weekly.  


The production of our annual print magazine concluded during the term of the 14th committee, with a final edition that featured several well-loved pieces over the years.

committee structure


oversee and ensure the smooth running of ELEVEN


NTUMS EXCO members attached who guide on administrative matters 


our very own in-house content creators 


ensure submitted pieces are aligned with our content & style guides


involved in the publicity of our content as well as outreach


source and manage finances to fund the running of the publication

As an adhoc under NTUMS, the ELEVEN Committee currently renews every academic semester. Recruitment for the departments is conducted by NTUMS before the start of the two academic semesters in August and January. You may check out their Instagram page (@myntums) for updates on their recruitment drive. Do note that the adhoc structure seen here may be subjected to change.

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