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  • How to/Who can be a part of ELEVEN Committee?
    ELEVEN has been a year-long adhoc under NTUMS since 2020. However, each term is only one semester long. Unfortunately, this means that to be part of the ELEVEN committee, you have to be an NTU student. The recruitment for the ELEVEN committee opens twice a year; in August for Semester 1 and in December for Semester 2. The recruitment drive will be conducted by NTUMS Exco, and you can look out for their updates on Instagram (@myntums). In ELEVEN, we work together in different departments — Heads, Advisors, Production, Marketing, Editorial, and WelFinance. Students keen to join ELEVEN would have to indicate their interest in joining either one of the above-mentioned departments (except Heads and Advisors). ELEVEN, being an online publication, has often been seen as an adhoc that requires a certain level of proficiency in the English Language. But, we are here to reassure you that this is not true! Everyone is welcome to ELEVEN, and there are different departments you can join as mentioned above. The only requirement to join ELEVEN is an open mind and a keen interest to learn and pick up new skills. We guarantee that you will have fun as part of the ELEVEN family.
  • How can I get updates on the new content posted?
    Our Editorial team schedules all the pieces that have either been curated in-house by the Production team, or contributed by members of the community (NTU or non-NTU, everyone is welcome!). Once the pieces have been posted on our ELEVEN website, we notify our readers via our automated Telegram channel and with the post's link. Every post is also accompanied with a companion post on our Instagram page for our social media audience to be notified as well. You can subscribe to our Telegram channel and follow us on our Instagram in the links listed below. Telegram: Instagram:
  • Who can contribute to ELEVEN? And what are the content types we accept?
    Click here to find out!
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