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The illumination of the lives of others around us has since created a tapestry of perspectives and understanding, woven through time and space. Our hope is to thread these diverse experiences and thoughts together to create an everlasting story, one that reflects our identity of who we were, and who we aspire to be.

Tapestries are often used to portray a story or a significant event in time. Different coloured threads in a tapestry are embroidered together, representing a weave of diverse perspectives and moments to form a shared experience. If you look at the individual threads from up close, it may look small or insignificant, but every perspective and moment is significant in contributing to the overall picture.


A complete mosaic creates a kaleidoscope of colours with the presence of light shining through. This array of colours and shapes represent the various voices of people across different points of time; past, present, and future. While they may be contrasting, these varied voices create one beautiful piece of art that shines bright regardless of Time, proving that humans share the universal experience of living and coexisting with one another in harmony.

Everlasting is an exploration of what outlives us, the intangible that transcends the body, and acts as proof of how we have lived our lives. The thread that binds people together for the sake of our faith and generates goodness at every path we pursue. It is a tether reminding us that our time may be finite, but the deeds and kinships forged, are not.

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