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#Favourites: Surahs (Part 3)

The belief in the Qur’an as one of our Holy Books is one of the six articles of faith in Islam. It forms such a significant basis of our faith, not only for us to seek guidance, knowledge, and protection, but also comfort – to be close to Him by being close to His words.

In this series, some of our fellow NTU students share with us their favourite surahs and what it means to them. From the surahs we recite everyday in our prayers to the surahs with enriching historical stories behind them, let us learn more about the Qur’an and how we can make it a valuable part of our lives.

وَلَقَد يَسَّرنَا القُرآنَ لِلذِّكرِ فَهَل مِن مُدَّكِرٍ

And We have certainly made the Quran easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember?

(Al Qur’an, 54:17)

Let us all yearn and strive to be Muslims who hold close to the Qur’an, InshaAllah.



1. What is your favourite surah?

My favourite surah is Surah Al-Kahf which in Arabic means 'The Cave'. There is so much that we can learn as Muslims from this surah and the beauty of it never ceases to amaze me.

2. What does it mean to you personally?

Among the many beauties of this particular surah is that it begins by praising Allah SWT, which shows the importance of that act in our lives and how everything we do should start in the remembrance of Allah.

There are four main stories that are highlighted in this surah:

1. The Trial of Faith

A group of young men were persecuted for their beliefs and they prayed to Allah SWT seeking protection. Upon fleeing, they managed to find refuge in a cave to escape their enemies only to end up sleeping there for 300 years.

2. The Trial of Wealth

The story of a rich man who had everything and yet was arrogant and did not show his gratitude to Allah SWT.

3. The Trial of Knowledge

The importance of knowledge was highlighted in the story of Prophet Musa AS and Khidr. When Allah SWT informed Prophet Musa AS that there was someone more knowledgeable than him, he humbled himself to gain more knowledge.

4. The Trial of Power

Allah SWT made Dhul-Qarnayn one of the most powerful rulers and leaders. As a powerful king who conquered the East and West, Allah SWT tested him with the burden of power.

From these stories, the theme of the surah is about the trials and difficulties faced by Muslims at that particular time. The trials, depicted through the different stories, still represent the majority of the troubles we face day to day. Life is and always will be full of trials and the only way to overcome it is by having a strong relationship between us and our Creator.

3. Do you have a favourite ayah from it?

The 10th verse in Surah Al-Kahf is such a beautiful verse because it contains a du’a:

“Our Lord! bestow on us Mercy from Yourself, and dispose of our affair for us in the right way!" (Al Qur’an, 18:10)

4. Are there certain times that you will listen/recite it?

In a hadith narrated by Abu Darda who reported Allah’s Apostle (peace be upon him) as saying:

“If anyone learns by heart the first ten verses of the Surat Al-Kahf, he will be protected from the Dajjal.”

(Sahih Muslim Book 6, Hadith 311)

In a separate hadith, Abu Sa’id al-Khudri also reported that the Prophet SAW said:

“If anyone recites sūra al-Kahf (Qur’ān, 18) on Friday, light will shine brightly for him till the next Friday.”

(Mishkat al-Masabih, Book 8, Hadith 65)

It is for all these benefits that we should strive to read and understand the surah as much as possible. I would like to advise myself and all of you to make it a habit InshaAllah to read it every Friday.

5. How does it make you feel every time you listen to/recite it?

Life is a test and every week we face different types of challenges. Listening and reciting Surah Al-Kahf calms me and reminds me that trials are the part and parcel of this world. It reminds me to always be thankful to Allah SWT for His blessings and that this world is temporary, so seek refuge in Him from all evil.



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