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  • Abu Sofian

Your Mother is the Cosmos

Photo by Noor Farhan

dear Mum, i wish i could tell you how much i loved you. last night, before going to bed i was in tears. i couldn't picture life with you no longer around. you made me that plate of sardines and eggs when i got home late. it's not easy saying i love you to the person who deserves more. i know that years from now when you are no longer beside me, and when my tears call your name, you will be here with me, in the light of my heart a place where you will live forever. and i know, that You are God's gift, and just as Paradise lies under your feet, i wish i could hold you again just one last time, before we bid goodbye to these flesh and bones, so that I could experience Paradise on Earth, by the touch of your hands, and as I wipe away your tears. dear Mum, if only i could show you the vast horizon of who you truly are maybe just maybe You live in the East and the West and Your smile's the crescent moon in the night sky, and your kisses the pelting of raindrops on a sulking face. Maybe, just maybe, You can hear me calling out to you in the echoes of the Cosmos and this breeze that brushed me- Your tender touch, assuring me that it's all going to be okay. And as I close my eyelids, these Eyes awaken, I see nothing but your Majestic Face.


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