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Understanding Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders

Pulse is a NTUMS adhoc, a platform to inspire the Muslim community to be more physically active through the promotion of sports and games on campus. They aim to develop the Muslim community holistically, through inculcating a healthier lifestyle.

As an extension of our inter-adhoc collaboration, Pulse is sharing their online campaign on ELEVEN's platform. In this online campaign, Pulse aims to educate the community about differences between disordered eating and eating disorders (ED), sharing basic information on these conditions, debunk myths regarding disordered eating and eating ED such that we may learn to be better allies to those around us. While disordered eating and ED sound very similar they are in fact very different.

Read Pulse's infographic below to learn more about signs and symptoms of those battling with ED, options for primary prevention, how we may reach out to others battling against eating disorders, as well as helplines and organisations that render aid to these individuals in our community.

Quick read:

Read the infographic in PDF here:

Understanding Disordered Eating and Eating Disorders
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