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UEs to Consider

Unrestricted Electives. Some of us see them as a burden to our already busy study schedule, while some of us see them as an opportunity to broaden our minds or pursue our interests. But which UEs should you choose, exactly? As NTU students, we’ve all faced that dilemma. The possibilities are endless, but because they are endless — where do we begin? This article aims to give you some insights on the interesting UEs you might want to consider when applying for them!

Note: This list is non-exhaustive and some modules may only be offered exclusively in either semester.

NIE Modules

The NIE modules are another world on its own for NTU students to discover. They have a wonderful plethora of hands-on modules about sports and arts. Most of these sports classes are held 2-3 hours, once a week and, overall, just a great workout session!

Some of the sports modules available are as follows:

  • Field Hockey - SS9203

  • Soccer - SS9202

  • Squash - SS9103

  • Table Tennis - SS9107

  • Floorball - SS9204

  • Rugby - SS9205

  • And even a gym mod - SS9002 Principles of Strength Training

For Arts, they have performing arts, music and even visual arts! These are usually 3 hours long, held once a week and can be a relaxing module to take — away from the usual words and equations that we encounter from our core modules. Do also note that for some of these art courses, in which specific art materials are required, you may need to pay a fee to purchase these materials (if you do not already have them).

Some examples of such modules are as follows:

  • Introduction to Theatre and Performance - ADP16A

  • Malay Music (do take note that there is an audition for most music modules before you can enrol in it) - AAI48B

  • Painting - AAA18H

  • Drawing - AAA18E

  • Watercolour - AAA18J

  • Printmaking - AAA18Q

  • Batik Printing - AAA18M

  • Voice Studies and Production - AAU28D

  • Fashion and Design - AAA08B

  • Introduction to Hip-Hop - SS9303


If you’re like me, you’ll love taking classes where the assigned homework is to just watch movies. It gives me an excuse to sit down, relax and watch a movie without feeling guilty each week. Classes are likely to be 3 hours long and held once a week.

Some examples of such modules are as follows:

  • Madness in Literature and Film - HL8001

  • War in Literature and Film - HL2015

  • Social Constructions of Utopias and Dystopias - HL8025

  • History of World Cinema - DF2009

  • Science Fiction Film - CS8300

  • Global Cinema - CS8900


Another possible route is to take language modules so that perhaps you can better understand foreign songs, dramas or animes that you are currently watching! These modules are found under the School of Humanities and are usually 1.5 hours long, twice a week. Assessments usually consist of two tests, maybe a presentation or an oral exam. You can also consider taking up these languages to the higher-levels from Level 2-4, if available!

Some examples of such modules are as follows (all of these are level 1):

  • Arabic - LA9001

  • Chinese - LC9001

  • Korean - LK9002

  • French - LF9001

  • Russian - LR9001

  • Spanish - LS9001

  • Hindi - LH9001

  • Italian - LI9001

  • Japanese - LJ9001

  • Sign Language - LL9001

These are just some of the Unrestricted Electives that you can consider when contemplating your choices for subsequent semesters. Wishing you all the best in enrolling for these electives and doing well for them!



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