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  • Ahmad Syarifuddin from ELEVEN

Tinted Verdure

To yearn for a quaint canvas

is to learn to mottle hues

without comparison;

tar not your

strokes of vivid scarlet

and streaks of glittering gold

with black paints of others;

mar not your

pretty painted rose

and beautiful silent doves

with bland taints of others.

Let your pigments trickle

over seeds that will bloom

into lush flower beds

of vibrant ambrosial petals

that attest the worthwhile rain;

Let your gentle brush strokes outline

the garden you belong in

and the sun you’ll grow towards

with the fruits you’ll proffer.

So bloom, albeit among other flowers,

of different views and different hues

— water not the budding envy,

but persist your inner beauty;

Bloom, albeit inclement weathers,

And gusts of persuasions and fads

— be grounded lest weathered,

be shrewd lest wavered


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