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  • Muhammad Johari

Temanku II

Written by Muhammad Johari

This poem was written in memory of Husaini Md Rahim whose passing moved many, especially those who had the honour of knowing him. He was loving to his family, loyal to his friends and devoted to the community. I seek your kindness to recite Al-Fatihah and send a prayer or two his way. The poem's original Malay text will be featured in ELEVEN's final print issue.*

Dear friend

You are ready

To rest in your world

Your light has shone

Your journey has

come to an end

Accompanied with light from

your Creator’s angels

Dear friend

Your fuel has been filled

The light in your heart will

guide you

Your deeds were enough

What you offered in this world was


Now step foot in

your world

Dear friend

For months we persistently

worked hard

Our sweat

and tears

Seeking His pleasure

Journeying to nusantara

and holy land

Your Creator is waiting

The real journey is

to go back to Him

Dear friend

You are a true friend

Guidance that was


To our bare eyes

With knowledge, you

practised good deeds

With pure sincerity

in your heart

Dear friend

In the Hereafter

If you don’t see us

with you and Habibullah

Appreciating the beauty of

the gardens in Heaven

Don’t forget to

call for us

in front of Ar-Rahman

As we have

promised at Baitullah

Dear friend

Dearest friend who

will be remembered

This bond will not

end here

Despite our different worlds

May we be of benefit to you

Hikmah behind ukhuwwah


Dear friend

Peace be upon you from us

Praises to Illahi

and peace and blessings upon


Your departure grieved

our hearts

But we redha


Verily, we belong to Him

and to Him

we shall return

May we meet again

in the Hereafter,

my dear friend,

Husaini Bin Md Rahim



*This note was written by Lyana Jamil, Husaini's fiancée.



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