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Survivor: NTUMS Adhoc Edition

It is your first NTUMS adhoc and you do not know anyone. If you are lucky, you might bump into the guy you met during orientation but never saw again. Otherwise, you are pretty much going into this adhoc without knowing anyone. The first adhoc meeting is at 6.30 p.m. and you do not want to be late for the first meeting, but at the same time, you do not want to come to the meeting early and make awkward conversation with Muhammad from Mechanical Engineering who happens to think that 2020 will be a great year for Manchester United (unfortunately that does not seem to be the case). You would very much prefer to have awkward conversations with the noise of other people conversing in the background so that your conversation partner does not notice the awkward silences that will inevitably punctuate your conversation.

These are one of many thoughts that may run through your mind as you enter a new adhoc. A new adhoc means meeting new people, and meeting new people means you’ll have to go through that whole process of getting acquainted with each other, which could be a hassle for those of us who might not be social butterflies.

However, to get you through these initial processes and basically help you have a blast in an NTUMS adhoc, here are some useful tips.

1. Vary Your Wardrobe

Most adhoc meetings would have outfit themes and you definitely need different types of clothing to match those themes. Some prominent meeting themes include denim, floral, stripes, and monochrome. It would be much easier if you had different kinds of theme-related clothing available, especially if you’re staying in hall. Now, if your wardrobe is basically My Chemical Romance during the Black Parade, then my suggestion is: match the theme by layering or having outfit highlights! You could perhaps, use a denim jacket, wear floral socks or even use white tape to create your own striped t-shirt. In short, be creative!

Note: Although it’s COVID period right now, and this tip might not be especially useful since we cannot have physical meetings, it’s probably still a good idea to be presentable!

2) Keep A Lookout For Sales

Angel and Mortal is one bonding game that you’ll most likely come across in your adhoc journey. You would need to get a gift, and that gift is usually budgeted at $10. So you would have to keep a lookout for online sites, such as Shopee, that would usually have discounted items for sale. Now, just to be clear, this is not a sponsored post for Shopee (however I’m sure ELEVEN would be extremely grateful if that were to happen), but Shopee often has great deals. Remember to check them out! Their flash deals could come in handy when searching for your angel’s gift. Another great place to get your mortal their gifts is the ever beloved Wardah Books. Wardah Books has an online website where you can browse their book catalogue, and you could buy a book that your mortal might be interested in. Also do not forget to take out the price tag or remove the receipt before handing over the gifts to your mortal! (This has happened to me more times than it should have).

3. Bring Your Prayer Paraphernalia

Since you are in an NTUMS adhoc, it is likely that you’ll have to pray in congregation, or at least pray. It is important to bring your prayer paraphernalia, i.e. sejadah, telekung, so that you’ll be ready to pray. Even if you cannot pray on that particular day, your prayer paraphernalia may help someone who’d forgotten to bring theirs, and InshaAllah you’d be rewarded bountifully by Allah for your deed.

4. Tazkirah Topics

Another hallmark of an NTUMS adhoc is the tazkirah sharings. Do not be alarmed if you are called upon to share a tazkirah. Also, tazkirah is not the act in which you are forced to shave your whole head -- that's tahallul. A tazkirah sharing in the NTUMS adhoc context is usually a sharing in which we reflect upon life, friendships, or even the latest news, which we wish to share and reflect with the rest of the adhoc. Tazkirah topics do not have to be religion-centric, it can be as simple as sharing about your stressful week in school or one of your most memorable travel memories. What is important is that these moments help the adhoc as a team reflect and InshaAllah, become closer together.

5. Have Fun

Lastly, just have fun! An adhoc is a wonderful time to make new friends that could help you in your university life and InshaAllah even in the Hereafter. Personally, I have learned so much from the friends that I have made in my past adhocs. I’ve learned more about the religion, about which modules to take, and even certain MashaAllah skills. Your fellow NTUMS’ members’ skills will definitely surprise you!

In essence, remember to be present during your adhoc journey - you might just develop yourself as a person, both physically and spiritually. Not only is this a great personal endeavour, but this will help you contribute to the community.

InshaAllah, with an open mind and heart, as well as keeping in mind these tips, your adhoc journey will not only be a beneficial one but one full of blessings.


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