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  • Ahmad Mudaafi'

see me

Oh You who sees,

who loves deeper than the sea,

of my weakness, I fall silent,

even as I quietly scream.

I beg,

as I grieve,

for a heart that will not grieve,

oh please, fount from which all mercy begins,

see me,

at my worst,

from the thoughts I could not quell,

to the heart that loses itself,

to the body to which I scream,

yet it so defiantly rebels.

Forgive me.

Oh Lord of the seven seas,

forgive me for what I have been,

for what I could have been,

what I continue to be,

and for what I will eventually be.

Have mercy on me,

and do not forsake me.

And to not a soul in this world would I ever ask of this,

except to You, oh You who perceives,


see me.



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