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  • Husain Bin Abdul Rahim

Reflections on the Name of Allah (Part 1): Al-Malik


This kingdom of Hearts

In reality is the kingdom of Heaven

Why is everything falling apart?

The Heart-king imprisoned by seven

Limbs gone rogue

Reflections of reality

Society in vogue

Drown in crass materiality

City cast in black and red

Our actions, intentions fade

Ya Malikal Mulk

O King of Kings

The King of the Day of Judgement

This self is in need of You

Of Your Grace

Assist me

To cleanse

My inner city

From all evil and dirt

Strengthen my advisors

To hold me back

To keep in heart

Your Laws and Your Commands

To order my soldiers

To keep peace

Between my people

Allow my heart

To take its place

Allow my heart

To be the Throne

For You

Ya Malik

May our Hearts

Reflect the Heavens

Such that the world

Around us also

Reflects that Divine order

Of stars, suns, moons, planets

Galaxies, universes


Rabbil 'Alamin

All Praise Belongs to Allah

The Possessor of everything other than You



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