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  • Adam and Thasneem from 15th ELEVEN

#MW15: Sunset Solace

Rest from the things you have no control over

It’s always worth going over

For the last ray of sunlight that will shine

Before darkness blinds the mind

As night falls, look for the shining stars

That bring forth the light in darkness

Bright skies and stratus clouds

Stretches of soft hues of love

Every sunset is different

These moments pass

Lasting a few blinks

But oh, the peace it brings

Chasing the future, harping on the past

Your life is moving too fast

Being too focused on finishing

But you are missing

The journey’s beauty

So slow down

And wind down

Life is much sweeter

When you take a breather

Lead the way

And seize the day

Now is all you got

Before time runs out

Make memories you’ll hold

Even when you’re old

Ones you’ll always have

And ones you’d always love

Find your stillness in this world of chaos

Pause, Destress

Feed your soul, chase sunsets

Re-learn the art of rest

Sunset teaches us that every ending

Is a new beginning

Chase the light

Endure the fight

Opportunities rise

As dawn breaks

So my dear look again and again

Till your eyes turn grain

Embrace your sight

And love His might

For all that you’ve endured

Has been written in the books

He is sure

You’ll give His beauty a second look



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