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  • A.S. from ELEVEN

He is always with you, He is here.

When waking up to Fajr seems too hard,

When the call to prayer is another notification ignored,

When all you want to do is follow your reckless heart,

When thinking of Allah SWT is all you can afford.

He sees you trying

He sees you crying

He sees you finding

The answer to all the things you've been minding.

A prayer seems like a one way conversation,

Hope, uttered, to an endless void.

In your mind clouded by doubt's invasion,

It left you wondering, paranoid.

From the smile you give to others

To the secret Du'as you have together

From lending a hand as a kind gesture

To being charitable I assure

That He sees all,

The rise and the fall.

He hears all,

The whispers and the call.

All the little things matter

Even when you falter.

Situations will get better

As long as you remember.

He knows when you remember Him

He knows when you sin

He knows what is within

The soul of the weary skin.

My dear,

He is all ears

To all the possibilities that you fear.

Bring yourself close, bring yourself near,

For He is always with you,

He is here.


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