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  • Zulhaqem Bin Zulkifli

Forgive Me Not

You forbade,

I succumbed.

So evident the transgression –

Forgive me not.

And yet, You promised a mercy greater than wrath.

The tongue is silent,

Where words fail me,

Too late it is to apologise –

Forgive me not.

But yet, You would honour me should I mention You.

My soul!

How wretched it is!

So apt the suffering –

Forgive me not.

Still yet, You gave a fathom for my arm’s length;

I cannot stand,

My back is pained.

Though heavy this burden –

Forgive me not.

But yet, You came in haste, whilst I was walking.

Ablaze I am set, basking in Your mercy.

An atom in Your infinite compassion

I beseeched – forgive me not

And yet, forgiveness was all You had.

This article has been edited for the online platform.

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