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  • Izzah Hazirah

For A Moment

She craves a place where time ceases to exist,

Where the world takes a pause from spinning,

And life around her drifts idly.

Maybe then, she can sit and wallow, and just be.

Just simply be -

She, in all her glorified state of being.

Every mask unshed and every armor laid to rest,

Where she exists in particles floating in spaces untouched.

Perhaps then, she could be a person who glides across the air giddily,

With no dire needs shackled to her ankles,

Where there is no pressure and no expectations,

No looming threats or surprised tackles.

Underneath it all,

She craves a moment of peace -

No creeping guilt or crippling shame

Tarnishing the moments she spends on herself.

Undefiled and out of prying eyes,

She could strip away the embellishment she’s adorned

(In order to be adored)

Till the only version left is a person that has never been for somebody else.

She craves a moment

Where the world stops expecting -

Because she has nothing left to give

And have yet to learn how to take.


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