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  • Zubaidah & Thohirah from ELEVEN

Film Your Degree - A walk through NTU

In this collection, Zubaidah and Thohirah explore sights and feelings as they walk through the familiar sights of NTU’s campus. These sights may be places you’ve whizzed past between classes, places you’ve walked by without a second thought as your head whirled with a multitude of thoughts and worries – assignments, tests, work, that last conversation you had with a friend, what’s for dinner? Things can get a little crazy. This series of photos hits pause, and takes a moment to appreciate and capture the beauty in the blessings that exist around us. If you stopped running for a while, and took look around, what would you see?

Photographs shot in 35mm film or mobile phone and edited post-shoot.

Feeling alone in crowded spaces can be a hallowing thing, while being alone in empty spaces has its unique brand of a solemn solitude. We spend the bulk of our time with ourselves as our sole companions – be it at work, school, leisure, or in transit. Detours in planned routes may leave us in disarray, but could lead us to roads we would have never otherwise thought to explore. In these moments of solitary exploration, what surrounds us are often reminders from Allah SWT, be it through nature or by proxy of the man-made splendors of His creations, that we are hardly ever alone. Even in these moments, there is mercy: to breathe, to reflect, to see with new eyes.


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