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Eid Lookbook

Assalamu’alaikum everybody!

With Eid almost 2 weeks away, you might be starting to worry, or still worrying, about what to wear for your first day of Eid?

Fret not! We hope this Eid Lookbook will give you some inspiration and ideas for what to wear and maybe how to style your Eid-fits for the year!😊

Our video is inspired mainly by the traditional outfits of 3 different cultures, mainly (in chronological order):

Malay (as modelled by Saqif & Hana)

Arab (as modelled by Irfan & Laili)

Indian (as modelled by Ihsan & Aliyah)

We hope this video also gives you some insight about how these different cultures don their own, unique outfits as they dress in commemoration of Eid.

So what are you waiting for? Grab some popcorn (maybe a notepad?) and enjoy the show!

P.S. If you want to try and replicate the looks, we have some insights as to where these outfits were bought from here (in order):

Saqif’s Baju Melayu: Second Chance @ Tanjong Katong Complex

Hana’s Baju Kurung: Material was bought from Aladdin’s (@ Arab St) and separately tailored

Irfan’s Thobe & Sarban: Bought from Saudi Arabia but a similar one can be found at D'Fatiin Boutique @ Kembangan

Laili’s Kaftan: Dubai by Persian @ Joo Chiat Complex

Ihsan’s Black Kurta: Stylemart

Aliyah’s Salwar Kameez: Meenu Effects @ Tekka Market


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