The 16th Theme:

As we embark on a journey through life, we acquire skills, knowledge, and moral reasonings from a myriad of experiences to prepare for what comes after. Undoubtedly, however, there will always be something beyond our sight, reach, and capacities. But who is to say that we cannot push ourselves beyond these challenges? 


Let’s aim to see, feel, and do Beyond the limits of our status quo to delve into novel experiences and create better versions of ourselves and the society at large.  


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“(It is) the work of Allah, who has perfected all things. Indeed, He is Acquainted with that which you do.” (The Qur’an 27:88) 


Balance is key in the life of a Muslim. Balancing the strive for Jannah while journeying through the dunya. Balancing priorities, commitments, interests, thoughts, spendings, – just life in general. Islam teaches us to practice moderation in all that we do.


Today, preconceived notions and opinions have set societal standards of happiness. As individuals, we do develop our own biases and perspectives. As Muslims who have been taught to journey through this world as if we’re a stranger or a traveller, perhaps we hold a unique definition of success. 


In this world of facade and pretend, upholding the integrity of our identity is key. At the same time, we should also strive to develop a more open outlook on the diversity that exists in our own faith. Ultimately, what we should aim to achieve is a balance between faith and self within a society full of differences and uniqueness.

How can we maintain the balance between holding true to our identity and being a character in today’s world?


Have you ever confined yourself to societal standards?


What are certain values/beliefs you hold that are contrary to most? 

"But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of all planners." (The Qur'an, 8:30) 


As how life in the dunya is, going out of your comfort zone and taking on new things may bring about new doubts and fear. Put your trust in Allah and learn to redefine your boundaries in order to pursue growth and thrive. While you broaden your horizons, you also increase your iman and taqwa through remembrance of Allah during your hardships. As you bear patience with the turbulence that comes with your new journey, He will grant you something that is greater than you imagined, InshaAllah. After all, the Almighty knows best. 


How do we develop and achieve a limitless mindset?  


What exactly does having trust in Allah and His plans entail?  


How do you rebuild the courage to try and try again? 

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“A man’s feet will not move from near his Lord on the Day of Judgment until he is asked concerning four matters: his life – how he spent it; his youth – how he utilized it; his wealth – how he earned it and where he spent it; and how much he acted upon from the knowledge that he acquired.” (Tirmidhi) 


As human beings, we face challenges and obstacles every day and at times things may not go according to our favour. It is especially during such times that it is important for us to look deep within ourselves and reflect instead of blaming external factors. We need to realise that such obstacles are the tests given to us by Allah SWT and have faith that we can overcome whatever that is being given to us by looking beyond these obstacles. 


How often do we look within to reflect on our actions? 


How do you treat yourself when you feel empty or broken inside? 


How do you reward yourself and show gratitude to Allah for making it through a challenge? 

What does beyond mean to you?