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  • Bani Iyad from Converts Central

What Would The Prophet Do?

What would the Prophet do?

As for every

Situations and problems

There are solutions

Like what to do with

Arguments, hassles, and doubts

What’s your action plan?

It’s never textbook

But contemporary though

Never straightforward

But what’s straightforward

Is asking yourself this quick

What would He do there?

What would The Prophet Do?

What would He do when in a heated argument?

What would He do when getting married?

What would He do when doing charity?

What would He do?

In fact,

What does it take to ask ourselves that?




Well, no one is stopping you

You can learn about Him

You can think about Him

You can give love to Him and His Family

You just got to make the first step

We can all start by knowing the Sunnah

Like how He used the siwak before praying

Or like how He just filled his stomach with one third for food, one third for water, and one third for air


Speaking good or keeping silent

There are tons of Sunnah we can easily follow

And I believe some of them can be easy to follow and do it consistently

We just have to remind ourselves to do them

For the sake of Allah

And as a devotion of love to The Prophet

To Prophet Muhammad SAW

If you’re reading this,

You are the Best Example of Mankind

And we are grateful for that

And we would love to meet you in Jannah


We hope you could keep us in your prayers and we’ll do the same for you and your family

See you soon, Prophet Muhammad SAW.


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