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  • Syazwan Zainal

What Having Trust In Allah Feels Like

To me, having trust in Allah feels like

steering a ship in the vast ocean,

where the skies meet the horizon

and the opportunities are abundant.

While some ships have their own mission,

others are cruising around

in search of a location, vision or aspiration

to steer their vessel in a certain direction.

For us Muslims,

we are taught about our final destination,

the purpose of our voyage,

our duties and obligations.

For further deliberation,

Allah gave us Quran and Hadiths

as a compass to guide us

in each of our situation.

While each context may be different,

and no specific instruction is given,

our tests lies in our resolution,

to believe in God when there’s no easy solution.

So, it’s okay to cast the anchor, to take a breather

and be reminded of this world’s transient nature.

After all, the prophet once said,

“Be in this world as though you were a stranger or a wayfarer.”



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