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Wake Up

The darkness that looms throughout the sky,

Serve to sever our prolonged hopes upon this world

The losses that we experience serve to remind us of the temporary nature of this world

This world that we live in is only a fleeting moment A split second A blink of an eye and it will all perish one day And we will stand to testify

on the diminutive value of this world

infront of

God Almighty

yet many do not think so

We live in a state of denial

We think we will live forever and we continuously pursue this world

day and night

we break our bones

day and night

we huff and puff

day and night

we never want to stop

ah - we beat on

while the current resists us

We allow the beauty of this world, or rather its seemingly beautiful outward appearance

to penetrate the core of our hearts

a place in which the pure self resides Until our hearts become veiled and hardened Until finally we are numb and




question "Where is God when I need Him?" "Where is Prophet SAW when I need him?" Our hearts are no longer shaken by the rhythm of the letters

and the strokes that the Qur'an resonates

yet we refuse to acknowledge that the fault lies in us We must sit and realise that

we have allowed the speed by which the earth's matters unfold

to keep us on our toes and we drown in anxiety The world seeks to resist the stillness that we have

until we forget that the stillness does exist in us And when we search We seek it in practices that serve to empty us — yet fill us with nothing We seek it in practices that stretch our limbs

yet we are ignorant of to whom we owe our gratitude to

to whom we shall surrender to

for the functions of our limbs

We seek it in practices that tell us to shush while our running thoughts destroy our mind We seek it in practices that tell us "close your eyes" yet they do not tell us what to seek in the darkness We forget to seek the bright light of guidance

We forget to seek the One who can actually heal

The world is promising Yet it dare not promise eternity and a temporal world, while it


seeks to crumble us along with it

Why do you not see that?

What has become of us that we run away from the Master who waits for us to come back?

And who provides us with chances upon chances within each breath, to return before we are returned?

We run away from Him, who has guaranteed us our needs, to him only for a minute of satisfaction.

What has become of us that we choose to drown ourselves in the turbulent waves of the world when we can hold on to the rope of the One?

What has become of us that we throw aside the practices of the Prophet SAW for more “modern” practices when they only push us backwards?

When we limit him SAW, we will be limited until we are awakened

And till then, we will never realise our true potential of reaching Allah SWT


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