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  • Humairah Binte Mohamed Jamil

Unity in Diversity

United we stand, like trees on land, we speak in different tongues that we don’t quite understand but we speak the same language when we pray, when we glorify, when we raise our hands up to the sky, thanking Him for His Mercy, for His Grace, no matter your status, no matter your race, we are one. When you speak, He listens. Even in silence. He is there. We are here, like the trees, branches in the air, our leafy hands held up in a silent prayer, no matter the season, no matter our skin, we stand together in this deen. We are showered with His Blessings, ever since we were mere seedlings, we keep on growing. His warmth everlasting, the rain He gives, always a hidden blessing. We stand rooted to our deen of Islam, of the truth. The love we have for each other, we give, and we take. We learn to love one another, despite our differences, but all for His sake.

This article has been edited for the online platform.


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