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  • N.S. Izzati

to the girl who was on exchange,

to the girl who was on exchange,

it was nice there, wasn’t it? you missed being there – the adventures and thrills all while learning about yourself along the way.

you saw a TikTok of someone studying abroad, making donuts! despite the simplicity of it, the TikTok was the sign that helped you pinpoint what you were really missing: innovation. you missed being innovative. you missed being a reliable person. you missed being the one affirming yourself after accomplishing a difficult week abroad, especially abroad...

but let’s be clear — you miss being here at home. you wouldn’t last forever being 10,000 km away from Singapore with tanned skin, looking like the people they once colonised. but most importantly, you missed knowing that you were capable of anything, simply because there was no choice for you to rely on anyone else...

to the girl who was on exchange,

things are different now, isn’t it? although you’re capable, having loved ones to rely on is not exactly a bad thing. yet, because you're capable, being able to rely on yourself to handle hardships on your own is a milestone that should be celebrated, regardless of whether you’re here at home or over there on exchange. your Lord even promised you in the Quran:

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond what it can bear.”

(The Qur’an, 2:286)

therefore, to the girl who was on exchange,

thank you for staying strong. you have learnt a lot in your journey, and there’s so much hope and tenacity for the future.

so let’s be patient and wait till you get the money to travel, okay?

with love,

the girl who was on exchange

2 May 2023, 1:18a.m.


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