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  • Thasneem from ELEVEN

The Lighted - مناور

Selfless and unconditionally loving

Your presence is what my heart is yearning

You are the gift of my life

For without whom I’d lose my light

I pray, I be the mother you are

That my kids grow up around you

Nurtured by the same warmth and embrace

You give me

You held my hand

And lead the way when I was young

But now, you’ve released your grip

Letting me fly

Whilst ready to catch me when I fall

You held me when things were rough

You taught me that He alone is enough

My Light, My Guide

You are the reason I’m here

Never have I seen a perfect embodiment of one’s name

In your rahm, you bore me

The rahm, you continue to embrace me in

At my worst, at my best

Now, then, and forever

Just when you thought you lost

You morphed to inspire

I feel defeated at times

Only to be comforted by the thoughts of you

You sacrificed your young years raising us

Discovering love whilst loving us

In your own unique way

Somewhere in this

We both grew

You grew to be my superhero

I grew to be like you

Only your love is worthy

Worthy being on the divine spectrum of love

Only your love is the closest

To His Love

They say I sound like you

That is all I want

To be you, to emulate the Nur you were in my life

The reader of my mind and heart

By the look on my face

You know what is in my heart

You tend to my wounds

Like none other

You put me first

Give me the best

I pray I find your hands rest

Those hands that wiped away my tears

Bandaged my bruises

Taught me my first steps

I pray to hold them tight on your golden days

Taking care of you the way a Queen is

The possibilities of this world are endless

For you, for me

Let’s treasure our moments together

Where time suspends indefinitely

Perhaps it may be our last

Let’s hold it close to our hearts

When you and I depart

I’ll miss you and you’ll miss me

I pray our love transcends dimensions

And that we reunite in Jannah

For eternity

Under His watch

As Sisters

Heaven lies beneath you

Your prayer never goes unheard

So pray for me

And I will for you, as always

Who deserves the best?




Just you, Amma.

- Hanlala


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