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  • Atikah from ELEVEN

The Last of ‘Us’

An afternoon filled with anguish

The dark sky with dull clouds

couldn’t have portrayed it differently

A room once filled

with liveliness and radiance

Now drowned

with bleakness and misery

I glanced at the lifeless body of the man

lying on the floor;

A body, once full of life,

now as cold as ice

Encircled by those

who cherished

and loved him

The ambience around him

sent beams of sorrow into my heart

Excavating from my youth,

precious memories of him

As I recalled,

The times we stayed up

till past midnight

cramming for tests

The jokes we made

to relieve our stress

The genuine smile on your face

when we accomplished things together

The times we celebrated

birthdays and graduations

The times we grieved

over setbacks and tribulations

But now you left me


all by myself

The time has come

For us to be apart

For me to let go For the last of us


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