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  • Mahmud Khan from Converts Central

The Blessing of Islam

In the name of Allah Most Gracious, Most Merciful, 

Salutations upon Muhammad, the one who is Truthful, 

The blessing of Islam is for those who are Grateful, 

Let’s discuss on fundamentals of those who are Faithful

For every building, you see there are pillars, 

Holding the building to make it stand high, 

For every Muslim that wish to be winners, 

Hold to the fundamentals of Islam in which there are five 

The first is the simplest yet it weighs the heaviest, 

Witnessing no God but Allah, He is the Highest 

And his final Prophet, Muhammad the Honest 

To share no partners with Allah, He knows, and He Hears 

The second needs most attention to pay, 

Obligatory prayers given five times a day, 

With it your urge to sins is pushed away, 

Do not leave it my friend it shows you the way 

The third is essential to help others willingly, 

It is Zakat, which is an obligatory charity, 

To give away a certain amount yearly,  

This is to ensure the security of the needy 

The fourth happens in one special month, 

Fasting in the beautiful month - Ramadhan, 

The act of worship is to fast from dawn, 

Ensuring the diseases of the heart are gone  

The fifth is only for those who afford, 

Pilgrimage in Mekkah the house of our Lord, 

During Zulhijjah millions come from abroad, 

On mount ‘Arafah hoping mercy from our God 

My dear Muslims brothers and sisters, 

To be able to worship we need to attain knowledge, 

May Allah forgiveness pour on all sinners, 

May our faith and certainty increase as we age 

Strive in knowledge and worshipping Him, 

But remember that the heart needs to be clean, 

From ego, jealousy, pride, and greed 

For true knowledge is the love and fear within 

The Proof of Islam Imam Al-Ghazali said, 

Declare war on thirteen enemies you can’t see, 

Find out the thirteen before you it gets late, 

This life is a glimpse, the hereafter is eternity.


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