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ROVING REPORTS | NTU Students on Ramadan, Bazaar & Campus Life Hacks (Part 1)

Craving for your most missed bazaar food? Feeling you need motivation to get through the day this Ramadan? Is the preparation for submissions and finals wearing you down? Worry not! ELEVEN has prepared our Ramadan special and second multimedia piece for you to enjoy! We ask some of our NTU Muslim friends what they look forward to this Ramadan and their tips and tricks when spending Ramadan on campus. Our non-Muslim peers also share with us about their most liked bazaar food!

A special shoutout to the enablers of the NTUMS x PERBAYU x NTUSU Makan2 initiative! Our interviewees are grateful that the initiative benefits those who wish to have iftar on campus!

ELEVEN wishes the NTU Muslim community a blessed Ramadan!


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