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  • Husain Bin Abdul Rahim

Reflections on the Name of Allah (Part 3): Al-Musawwir


Cut from the fabric of existence

Formed by divine subsistence

Our soul and body sewn

Into this reality known

Fashioned first from clay

Into humans that would say,

All praise belongs to You

O Lord, Your promise is true!

Reflect on the inner and outer

Upon the skies and stars that cover

The universe inside your eyes

The seas and oceans that lies

Buried deep in your soul

A treasure chest untold

Secret love, light and fate

The destiny sun is never late

O Allah, I ask for Your guidance

My deeds for Your acceptance

My sins for Your forgiveness

My self from its deceptiveness

O Allah, make goodness my form

Following the Sunnah my norm

To finally return to You

O Lord, Your promise is true!


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