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  • Aliyah Khan from ELEVEN

#Recommended: Social Media Content for Muslims to Follow!

It is almost entirely impossible to deny the profound impact of social media in today’s society. Many of us spend hours on end consuming the content on our timelines – mindlessly scrolling to fulfil the itching need for a simple distraction. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with using social media for an easy break, tailoring the online content you consume could be a good way to receive inspiration daily while being in the loop with the events happening both in our local Muslim community and around the world. Here are our five recommendations of social media content for Muslims to follow!

1. Twitter, Instagram and Spotify podcast: Mizi Wahid

His direct yet gentle approach to addressing sensitive and pressing issues in our community is a breath of fresh air. Ustaz Mizi Wahid is the go-to person to follow to stay updated on any Muslim-related news or event. As the CEO of Safinah Institute and the author of several books on spirituality, he is not only a credible religious leader but also one who shares pertinent religious reminders online. I personally love his social media posts because of how delicate and carefully written they are — instead of feeling like I’m being reprimanded or shamed, his posts on spirituality seem more like good advice given by a close friend.

Twitter: @mizi_wahid Instagram: @miziwahid Spotify: The Mizi Wahid Podcast

2. Instagram: @lifeofmyheart

Sometimes, simply stumbling upon a quote from the Qur’an could be the symbol of hope and inspiration that gets us through a particularly awful day. Other times, it could be a sign we are desperately searching for, a timely reminder, or a moment of grace and mercy given to us by Allah S.W.T.

@lifeofmyheart is an Instagram page managed by Australian artist and photographer, Marryam Lum. Her page features Islamic spirituality quotes and reminders which she places amid the gorgeous designs she curates. I love her page for its simplicity, aesthetic and lovely spiritual reminders that appear when I most need it.

3. Youtube: Aida Azlin

Aida’s videos are like a warm cup of tea on a rainy day – it’s comforting, it warms you inside out and makes you contemplate your life. She usually narrates her videos with anecdotes of her personal life whilst displaying adorable and well-designed animations that fit promptly with her story. Her relatable and honest story-telling about how certain life events have taught her to be more aware of Allah S.W.T. is what makes her videos so impactful yet easy to watch. My personal favourite video of hers is titled: “Allah is Gentle and He Loves Gentleness”. It is the only YouTube video to date that has made me sob uncontrollably at three in the morning – it was just that touching and beautiful.

4. Spotify playlists It’s tempting to blast your favourite songs the first thing in the morning or during a particularly long commute on public transport. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this – but perhaps you could switch it up on some days and start your day off by listening to a playlist of short surahs or Islamic songs!

Two years ago, I made it a practice to listen to my playlist of short surahs every morning during my commute to school. I found that it provided me with a sense of serenity amid the non-stop hustling, and I’d start my day feeling more grounded and calm.

Here are the playlists that I often go back to:

5. Instagram: @beingbravelywoman

@BeingBravelyWoman is an Instagram page that addresses sexual and domestic violence, particularly in the local Muslim community. Managed by activist Noor Mastura, the page adequately educates its followers on the various ways to respond appropriately in compromising situations and how to help others who are vulnerable. I love this page for its brutal transparency and straightforwardness when discussing what is normally considered ‘taboo’ topics in the Muslim community.

I hope these five recommendations help you tailor your social media content into a place of inspiration!



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