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  • The Vespa Rider


I see brothers imprisoned in their own land

Not being able to lay their foreheads on their own sand

Deprived of the fruits made by their own hands

Why do we fear to understand?

Their products stripped off their own brands

Ties of kinship severed by their own 'friends'

Even bedouins displaced from their own tents

On what kind of belief do we stand?

I am tired

I truly am tired

But I'd rather be tired chasing after the right things

For idleness is not only an intentional stagnation

But stagnation is also a form of digress

I wonder if that form of emptiness causes a man to indulge in oppression

Or if it's oppression that causes a man to be depressed

I took off my socks and gloves each time I entered this space

Hoping one day these limbs would bear witness that they've tasted this mat

These people braved this cold, O Allah, in hopes of witnessing Your face

On the Day of Reckoning may these souls be spared

I saw a man take an ablution

Turning the tap a little lesser than half

It takes a man of a big full heart

To be in steadfast observance of the little stuff

People said salam in every step for a madly love

And others in deep utterance of remembrance till they attained tranquil tears

If such is a worldly land You preserved for the ones who deserve

Let me taste the sweetness of your call too, O Allah, I am all ears

I am all ears

I didn't want all these worldly moments to fall off the grasp of my hands

Especially the call that brought the world to an instant standstill

Circles of knowledge that I couldn't linguistically understand

Bringing serenity to this heart, causing its fill

We have taken in so much from our days

And bared our soul in so many ways

And if we ever wonder why we are still left so empty

Question our actions on what matters, was it filled heavy

The purpose of creation is ibadah

And the purpose of ibadah is taqwa

Sometimes I wonder if I deserve any hikmah

Having brought ignorance, having brought it this far

Deal life with gratitude

Deal people with humility

Walk your path with purpose

To leave all of it in tranquility

O Allah grant us travel that is accompanied by knowledge

And knowledge that is accompanied by benefit

Let your acceptance then be the end of our every page

Hoping we can start over, picking up where we left it.

"Peace [i.e., security] be upon you for what you patiently endured. And excellent is the final home."

(Al-Qur’an, 13:24)

Years on now, I found that most of the things I held dear, were all trivial to the core. All those silly little things I cared about meant nothing, and the naïve quests for material and superficial perfection were just an absolute waste of time.

Thank those who abandoned you and influenced you to abandon yourself. If it wasn't for the loneliness you had felt, you would not have turned to Him in search of comfort in direction.

Find a purpose behind your endeavour, if it's for Allah, then live and breathe that dream. I wish you well on your pursuit of being.

"So where are you going?"

(Al-Qur’an, 81:26)



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