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  • Mahmud Khan from Converts Central

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW

On some lonely nights I spend by myself,

My heart reflects on the journey of life,

The wise men used to say,

To love and to not be loved in return,

How great of a calamity it is

Who am I to deserve his love?

When he is the most beloved,

To the Exalted who created the skies and the earth,

The tears he shed and forgiveness he sake,

From the Most Merciful,

For the sake of this sinner filled with mistakes,

What did we ever do?

The selfish me and the selfish you,

To deserve a man of such high value,

Who loves us more than our own selves do

‘Abdullah left this world before his birth,

Lady Aminah of Jannah brought him to earth,

The blessed lineage of him speaks for his worth,

A source of Mercy blessed to this universe

A kind of Mercy never seen before,

A kind of Mercy that keeps us in awe,

A kind of Mercy seen even in war,

A man of Mercy most beloved to Allah

Born on the most blessed of nights,

In the most blessed of cities,

Monday of Rabi’ul Awwal came into light,

Makkah and the Angels received him happily

He feared none but Allah,

A brave warrior whose heart is more precious than Gold,

He was described by ‘Ali a cousin of his own,

Whoever that saw him for the first time,

Feared him,

And when they came to know him,

Fell in love with him

He had the most beautiful appearance,

As described by Ummu Ma’bad on his beauty,

He was the most striking from a distance

And most beautiful when seeing him closely

The beautiful man was medium in height,

His blessed skin was fair and bright,

The white part of his eyes were extremely white,

His blessed pupils were extremely dark

And his sweat had the fragrance of Musk

And like how Hassan Ibn Thabit has said

My eyes have never seen anyone more perfect than you,

No woman has given birth to anyone more handsome than you,

You have been created free from all blemish,

As if you were created the way you wished

He came and perfected good character,

Without his teachings humans are lost,

His heart is a reflection of Our Master,

Forgiving the ones who wrong him the most,

And as said by Habib Ali Al-Habsyi of Yemen,

I pray to Allah to enter heaven

Not for the maidens,

Nor for the castles nor the attractions,

I pray to Allah to enter heaven,

To be near to Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him,

For if Prophet Muhammad isn’t there,

I would not be attracted to it,

As there is no greater blessing than to sit with him

May Allah bless us to sit with you in this world and the next,

For the ones who’s deeply in love find no rest,

May Allah’s peace be upon you, May Allah bless

Oh our Master Muhammad!

The Prophet of the east and the west


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