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  • Nur Adriana Haziqah

Not Silent Anymore

A stone’s throw away - describes the nearby

It's unfortunate I can only watch from afar

We’re so lucky to see a beautiful sky

Compared to our Ummah who experience the bizarre

Rocks thrown as a form of defence

Bullets and bombs used as "self-defence"

Roof knocking? Are you serious?

Could you be any more delirious?

Boulders to shreds

Buildings crumble one by one

Bullets to heads

Safety? There’s close to none

The history, they ignore and forget

Disallowed retaliation – but assassinations, they let

Taking the lives of children, spouses and siblings

A “ceasefire” only started more ruthless killings


It's been happening for 73 years

Why do I only know about this now?

Why aren’t people raising an eyebrow?


They are protecting Al-Aqsa – an irreplaceable

No, this is not about religion

We need to protect the people, and the region


But they are content with what has been fated

The Iman of our brethren is just so strong

Jannah for the fallen, for surely to Allah we belong


Now's not the time to be disengaged

I see people from different countries in solidarity

Spreading the word to give the ignorant some clarity

From Him, a reminder to everyone

These are the words from the Qur’an

“Verily with every hardship comes ease”

So do keep Palestine in your prayers, please



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