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Muslimah Fashion: Where to Get Clothes For Different Aesthetics

Do you ever look at someone’s outfit and marvel at how great and put together it looks? If you’re anything like me, the next thought that’d immediately cross your mind after seeing a stunning outfit would be: “Where is it from?”.

I’m always looking at the people around me for fashion inspiration – thankfully, I have friends with immaculate personal styles that embody various fashion aesthetics! In this article, I asked three of them to give a brief insight into what their personal style entails and their favourite places to shop for clothes.

So if you’re in a style rut and need some inspiration to switch up your wardrobe – or are simply on a hunt for new places to shop – this article’s for you!

Edgy/Grunge Aesthetic

[Nur Syafiqah]

Photo Credit: Syafiqah

“My personal or go-to style would be the edgy/grunge aesthetic. It’s always the look that I’m most comfortable in. The three main things I look at when choosing my outfits are the Silhouette, Material and Length of a clothing piece.

When I look at Silhouettes, I take note of the overall shape and how it fits my body – whether it’s oversized or fitting. If I’m shopping online, I’d try to gauge from the model pictures.

I go for pieces that are thin and lightweight (because of Singapore’s weather and also because I love to layer my outfits) and not sheer.

The easiest way for me to form a modest outfit is to go for full length and long sleeve garments. But I also tend to get short sleeves (especially graphic/band tees) or crops depending on the inners or other clothing pieces that I have to match.

My top priority is to always style myself modestly without losing my personal identity. Modesty and comfort go hand in hand.”

Photo credit: Syafiqah

Syafiqah’s recommendations:

  • Vintagewknd: Statement pieces like vintage blouses and unique bottoms

  • UNIQLO: Tops and bottoms

  • Editor’s Market: Dresses and basic staple pieces

  • Stakeout and Nomainstream Vintage: Local vintage/thrift pieces

  • Accessories: Shopee

  • Instagram shops: Smitten by Pattern, Pricklycholla, Nona.ind

Simple & Basic

[Humairah Angullia]

Photo Credit: Humairah Angullia

“My personal style is simple, basic and comfortable!

I usually stick to either black and neutral colours and stay away from bold or loud colours because that’s what I think goes well with my skin tone. I also tend to get tops that are long-sleeved and flowier. Most of my tops also have cuffed sleeves! For bottoms, I like loose fitted and straight cut pants or jeans.

I draw inspiration from Pinterest and Hijabi Instagram pages, and I would say that I do indirectly follow trends through these girls. But when I do find something that I know works for me, I’ll stick to it and try to incorporate it into my outfits when I can! For example, I think smock dresses compliment my body type and so I always look out for a smock dress cut when I shop for tops or dresses.

I prioritise practicality and comfort over anything!”.

Photo Credit: Humairah Angullia

Humairah’s recommendations:

  • Uniqlo

  • Cotton On

  • Mango

  • Love Bonito

  • Zara

  • ASOS

  • Zanzea

  • Urban Revivo

  • Muji

Comfortable and Modest

[Sakinah Mohsen]

Photo credit: Sakinah Mohsen

“I dress comfort and modestly to the best of my ability. When I style my outfit, I make sure the length of the clothing must at least cover my butt and that the sleeves are Wudhu’ friendly (cuffed sleeves, button sleeves etc). I don’t quite like flare sleeves because it gets in the way when I’m reaching out for things

The material is also really important – We all love ironless clothes/shawls don’t we? So I prefer clothes that require minimal ironing. My job requires me to move around a lot, hence I invest a lot in Uniqlo rayon blouses and also their range of culottes (Uniqlo fans where y’all at?).

I also love midi dresses! I am quite petite so the midi dresses look maxi on me and that’s perfect.”

Sakinah’s recommendations:

  • Shawls – Acupofdee (her go-to for printed shawls), Geylang Market (affordable and good quality), Tudung People, Al Humairah, Maroon Red

  • Tops & Bottoms – Uniqlo, IG shops (,, Zalora, Poplook

  • Dresses – Shopee (Zanzea)


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