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  • Nur Adriana Haziqah

Mind The Gap

Pioneer, Boon Lay, Lakeside...

Whatever it is, just try to hide

I'm trying to convince myself it's not a big deal

Just conceal, don't feel

Chinese Garden, Jurong East...

Please try to hold those tears back at least?

Trying to avoid it but I start to talk myself down

Looks like I'm going to cry for another round

Bukit Batok, Bukit Gombak...

I don't know what this feeling is, but l feel stuck

Reflecting upon my performance – I feel overwhelmed

I can’t forgive myself for how I left them underwhelmed

Chua Chu Kang, Yew Tee...

Just constantly thinking "what's wrong with me?"

Like some MRT rides, I too break down

I start to cry despite so many people around

Kranji, Marsiling...

I just can’t hush this feeling

I catch a few glances coming my way

I can tell some of them want to ask if I'm okay

Woodlands, Admiralty...

Trying to hide my anxiety

I get slapped so hard by reality

I feel misplaced in society.

Sembawang, Canberra.

Take a good look in the mirror

Get it together, wipe those tears away

Recentre, refocus, and you'll be okay

Before I lose my train of thought

You need to reach out for help that hasn't been sought

Backtrack a little

Meet in the middle

Tap into your potential for

Allah has created you – feel special

I know at times you feel like a waste of space

That's a thought I want you to erase

Trust that Allah has got your back

InshaAllah you'll get back on track


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