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  • Z.S.D

Midnight Walk

We stroll down pavements glistening

in glorious streetlights


Silent phones pressed to ears

Lips mumbling incoherently

Laughing to conceal

Thumping of blood

against the dermis of our throats

Was that-?


his footsteps. don't you mind

It was only your mind

(Wasn’t it?)

The light drizzle continues we're 

still disillusioned by this

ethereal granite beneath 

hurried feet

Perhaps it would be better for 

rain to

Prickle my skin

Oust the demons from a mind

Unrelenting, unwilling to forget to

  Remember: Her world is a dangerous place.

Cleanse me,

skin to bone.

Flush away synapses



Author’s note: What does it mean to be a woman? When and how do we become women in a world that constantly lowers us to ‘girls’ but parades us as grown when it’s to its benefit? This piece sheds some light on the not-so-pretty realities women have to face, and the continual struggle to overcome. I hope it informs the less-informed and gives comfort if only through the reminder that you are not alone, and your voice is heard.


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