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Lost To Be Found

The girl with the yellow shawl

It was the very first she owned;

A gift to her when she was small

And to the whole world, she proudly showed

Like a princess with her crown,

It made her feel like royalty

With grace and elegance, she walked around

And wore it like jewellery

Safe and secure she felt

As though in a warm embrace

Before her mother, she always eagerly knelt

Pleading to wrap the cloth in place

Alas, adolescence came

And insecurities grew;

She was ashamed

Of what was once precious as we knew

None were like her;

None in her school

She felt like an ambassador

When they asked about her religion too

It was worse when the news appeared

And heads would turn, eyes would stare

In social studies class, she wanted to disappear

As she has never felt so small and bare

She changed her style

Seeking validation in her posts

Although it made her smile

It was not from The One that mattered most

One night she sat down and prayed

With tears rolling down her face

She cried to her Lord and said

‘Forgive me for being such a disgrace’

Some days she felt abandoned

As though her prayers were left unheard

But she learned to understand

That if it were not for Him she would not have mouthed those words

Years she made supplication

Waiting patiently for a sign to ensue

For she knew with every step taken

He will run towards you

Alhamdullilah she was no longer in despair

Slowly, her intentions were there

She dreamt of a hand caressing her hair

To remind her that she is always under His care

Still, she felt unworthy

As she puts them on a pedestal

But with His mercy

Came a surprising miracle

His plan works in mysterious ways

He is after all The Creator of time and space

When your heart is in the right place

Sometimes, something as simple as a friend telling you to ‘go jer’ is all it takes


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