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  • Ainin Sophea from ELEVEN

Life's a science experiment

Ever wondered how things would have been if they were done differently? To tell you the truth, no one truly knows what the “right” thing to do is. Most of the time, we are just taking risks and chances. Through it all, we keep earnestly praying for guidance and clarity from Him. Though we may never know the hikmah behind every trial and tribulation, we can live life in strides. Take it step by step. For growth, explore the world around you and more importantly, the world that’s within you.

Life’s a science experiment. Personally, science was never my best subject in school. Every practical exam, something just goes “wrong” like burning my chemistry paper with a bunsen burner and spilling some chemicals that left me with speckled dots on my hands for weeks. My grades for science… Well, let’s just say I have accepted my fate. However, through it all, I love science. I loved the process and experiments. It was exciting. I didn’t care about the outcome because what mattered was my love for growth which was done through learning. I learn from my mistakes. I learn from flaws. It’s easier to learn when we own our mistakes and flaws. Dear reader, just a reminder, we are all allowed to make mistakes and when we take them in and learn from them, I think that’s a clear indicator He is guiding you.

How do we effectively learn with the teachings of Islam?

Let me put it in steps accompanied by the idea I feel that keeps me clear of my willingness to learn:

  1. Goal - Intention

  2. Hypothesis - Husnuzon

  3. Trial & Error - Tawakkal

  4. Outcome - Gratefulness

Now that we have these steps, it really does look like a science experiment. Let me break it down to you further.

1. Goal - Intention

  • The intention should be pure and good for it to be everlasting.

  • For an everlasting effect, the goal is never to attain something material or from this dunya but something from within. (E.g. To be present & connected with family)

2. Hypothesis - Husnuzon

  • With good intentions, extend the goodness by thinking positively of the process. (Think growth mindset)

  • By thinking positively, opportunities to learn are never missed.

3. Trial & Error - Tawakkal

  • There are always challenges along the way, so if something does hinder the process of learning, accept it but never lose sight of your intention.

  • By going back to the intention after being challenged, we can try again and again! :)

4. Outcome - Gratefulness

  • Like it or not, we may have our own biases and we may even want a certain outcome to be in our favor.

  • However, there is hikmah to everything and we are never meant to control everything.

  • Our strength comes from trying, not completion.

  • So, say, “Alhamdulillah!” and accept because everything meant for you will always be for you and there are far greater blessings He has for you that you may never even thought of.

I find these steps useful in my day to day challenges when I’m struggling to achieve my goals and often realize that I am human after all. Therefore, forgetful. I wish for this piece to be a reminder for me and you if we ever forget that we are all trying. Sometimes, we need these little reminders to try again. :)

Love, Sophea



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