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  • Ahmad Mudaafi'


Too long have I waited for eternity to pass;

For a life meant to be temporary, this moment sure seems to last.

Yet for all that was sacrificed,

And all that is loved,

Letting go of this life,

Is not a privilege I have earned.

I tread through the trees, soft sunlight trickle stream,

While its overhanging leaves, ask blindly constantly,

How would you like to be remembered,

What legacy would you leave?

I'd like to be forgotten,

A mere breeze drifting free.

So with God as my witness,

I set forth across the seas.

I need not the lives of man,

To try and immortalize my deeds.

I'd prefer to be forgotten,

To be felt and yet unseen.

It is here where I become,

It is here where I exist.

An existence beyond existing,

Such is the legacy I hope to leave.

A life with or without credit,

Except by the One who sees.


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