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Do You Know Eid? (Qurban Edition) | NTUMS ELEVEN x Nur of Maarof

We hope you enjoyed our first edition of ‘Do You Know Eid?’ on the Hajj. In the Qurban edition, we bring you some additional knowledge that you may not have previously known about the ritual of Qurban.

Our friends from NTU Muslim Society and Nur of Maarof compete to challenge their knowledge on the Qurban and the story of Prophet Ibrahim AS and Ismail AS’s sacrifice.

The 16th ELEVEN team would like to thank all the members of NTUMS, Nur of Maarof, advisors, and asatizahs who have contributed to the success of this production.

May Allah continue to bless us in our efforts to spread meaningful knowledge to our fellow brothers and sisters.

Once again, ELEVEN wishes all our Muslim friends Eid Mubarak!



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