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  • Huszainy Sa'ad from ELEVEN

Daffodils are best.

Okay, remember.

Buy milk, eggs, tofu.

Pick up medicine.

Ring up your son, Din.

Dinner reminder.

There’s something missing.

It’s fine, I’ll ask Din.

Said he’ll come over.

Come over today?

Maybe tomorrow.

Doesn’t matter, I’m

Not anywhere else.

It gets so quiet here.

Okay, groceries.

Milk, eggs, and tofu.

With every step,

Milk, eggs, and tofu.

Do I need tea too?

I’ll just buy it, yes.

Green man, go go go!

One street and I’m there.

Okay, milk, eggs, tea.

Oh, there’s a florist!

Hmm I should get some.

Yes, Aisyah likes them.

Daffodils are best.

Where was I again?

Oh yes, groceries.

Get milk, eggs, and tea,

Then back home for rest.

Milk, eggs, and tea bought.

There’s something missing.

It’s fine, I’ll ask Din.

Din’s coming over

                For dinner tonight.

Or it’s tomorrow.

Traffic light ahead.

Green man, go go go!

Wait, is it this way?

School, cafe, clinic.

Must be right after.

I circle again.

Strangers approach me,

They ask where I live.

I could only stare.

They look at my card

And return me home.

Din’s nagging greets me.

Nice to meet you too.

I search for Aisyah,

Aisyah is not here.

I hold flowers near.

The same kind atop

The kitchen table

The dining table

And in the bedroom.

I ask where’s Aisyah

With flowers clutched close.

Din moves his lips and


Hesitates to speak.

He says his mother,

Aisyah is no more.

Lies six feet under,

Flowers bought for nought.

He says it’s been years

And still the same dance

How it’ll be the

Same script tomorrow.

Din sighs and says that

I’m his only kin.

I say okay then,

And place the bouquet

With the rest of them.

Oh wait, Din is here.

There’s something missing

Milk, eggs, and - tofu!

Din, we need tofu

For dinner tonight.

I start to head out.

Din, with a deep sigh

Offers to take me

To the shops. He says

No more daffodils,

Only buy tofu.

Oh those daffodils!

Hmm we should get some.

Yes, Aisyah likes them.

Daffodils are best.


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