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  • Zubaidah Dadlani


watch her run, breeze cruising through her

frizzy locks / the melodious cadence of her

giggles fills the air / expressions of utter glee

watch him fall, erupt into a fit of laughter /

CUE: sudden bawling, stinging in his knees /

red, spilling through the cracks

watch her sing, with absolutely no care of key /

the gusto with which she belts, inexplicably

makes you crack a grin

now watch him school his face into a blank

sheet / CUE: his smile whenever you meet /

ABRUPTLY: turn away

little drops trickling out the tap, running down the cold, smooth steel / drip off your chin

watch his eyes, that once held all the galaxies

glaze over / CUE: the lump of flesh in his chest

hardening / he stops believing

she screams. but her pleas are muted to input (name, any) hearing = loss \ only painful remarks SyntaxError: invalid syntax uplifting == null | True

I thought we were only supposed to hear the good things?

all around him, broken glass / promised never to

hurt <insert value> / yet all around, broken <print> \ print (“promises”) print (“hearts”) listen; as she weeps her woes to Him who

created the moon / if you strain your ears, you

can almost hear as she shatters

he whispers to the darkness before him / is

anyone listening? / maybe the abyss isn’t as

empty as it seems

now, Watch. as she picks a forgotten piece of

herself off the ground / PLACEMENT: next to

his / and shards coalesce, putting stained glass

to shame.

turns out, my dear, we're all in pain take my hand now let’s find another way to begin

Perhaps it's better with everything considered, to start with a prayer


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