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  • Laili from ELEVEN

Behind the Dusky Sideview Mirror

Songs queued on Spotify as we belted out,

counting every minute together

with every coincidentally harmonious note.

Our hearts rest in these voices

that fill our meetings and group chats

with laughter, as my eyes linger

on the side view mirror of the car.

In that moment, I am both completely present

and on a road towards an unknown destination.

In that moment, I see radiant orbs for eyes and twinkling smiles

in the shadows of the light.

In that moment, I inhale a sense of calm

while holding my breath,


In that moment, any faulty wiring in my heart and potential blackouts

were curtailed by a circuit breaker.

In that moment, all those bureaucratic medical data and figures


extinguished the light of faith.

In that moment, every family praying together

within the four walls of their homes

sparked hope, sparkling like the fairy lights on their windows.

In that moment, every Muslim praying in the penumbra of time

was testament to the resilience of mankind’s faith.

In that moment, even Dumbledore’s Deluminator

could not suck out the light from this community of Muslims.

Time did


stand still.

But my heart did.


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