NTUMS Adhocs


The Orientation Programme is a collaboration between NTU Muslim Society and NTU PERBAYU. It provides freshmen a platform to transition into university life. It is an avenue for freshmen and seniors to come together and for seniors to share their experiences. Additionally, it informs incoming freshmen more about projects organized by respective societies.

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Pulse is an adhoc committee under NTUMS and was established in AY 2016/17. Pulse’s mission is to increase the awareness and importance of physical health and fitness, as well as its role in in developing a holistic spiritual wellbeing among the Muslim community.

Overall, Pulse aspires to be another platform for its committee members as well as the Muslim community to unite and achieve blessings in this world and the Hereafter.

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Yusra is an Arabic word that comes from the word ‘yaseer’ which means ease.

Yusra organize events that aims to ease the burdens faced by the local community and provide humanitarian service in any way possible.  Usually, in the adhoc term we can have multiple mini or major events, depending on the project availability and feasibility. Major events are collaborations with external communities/organisations and mini events being exclusive to members. The community target is vast, as long as it is local. With the funds, the logistics are prepared for the events and trial runs may be conducted before the actual execution of the event. Event examples: Raya Revamp, qiyam or trekking or day-camps with target groups.)

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Safwa is an Arabic word roughly translating to the “selected group”. We are all familiar with the different degrees of friendship, from “hi/bye” friends to companions you would want to share every big news with. This change from Muslimah Empowerment Series to Safwa is a nod to our vision of bringing the Muslim women of NTU together, so that we may inspire each other to do better and be better for ourselves and our community. The importance of good friendship in your journey of self-growth is mentioned in a Hadith: “A believer is the mirror of his/her friend”, so if you’re looking for good company to tide through uni and life together, look no further than Safwa.

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Alterisk is a student-led organisation in NTU aimed at reaching out to disadvantaged youth of various backgrounds, and to bring a positive impact in their lives. For the past few years, we have been working with Muhammadiyah Welfare Home in planning a 3D2N camp for the boys. During the recent Circuit Breaker period however, we did things differently and provided the boys and their families with some essential relief packages to tide through the tough times. This is on top of an online awareness campaign we did through posts and videos on IG. 

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Seekers’ Garden is an annual series of events which takes place in the second semester of the academic year. It serves as a major platform for NTU/NIE Muslim students to learn Islamic knowledge. These events vary from sharing sessions to lectures with different topics, such as Sirah Rasulullah or living as a Muslim in our multicultural society. 

The objective of Seekers’ Garden over the commitment period of 5 months is to contextualise Islamic knowledge to NTU Muslim students to develop them both intellectually and spiritually. We’re looking for those who are eager to learn about Islam and are passionate to spread knowledge.

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Being an overseas humanitarian project, the months leading up to the actual trip will be used to plan the activities we will be doing with our beneficiary there. This includes thinking of and planning how best we can serve the community there, be it in the form of education, enrichment or even refurbishment. On top of that, there is a local expedition aspect that needs to be fulfilled, and this is also a great way for the team to test any activities they have here, before executing it overseas.  

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IAP is the only adhoc in NTUMS that involves non-NTUMS members to participate and join in our activities. 

Vision: Threads of Kin

  • Encouraging meaningful connections between individuals of other faiths and within the Muslim society in NTU

Mission: Direction of IAP

  • To encourage healthy discussions between Muslims and non-Muslims on the universal teachings of Islam.

  • To provide a platform for Muslim participants and attendees of IAP events to understand more about the faith and to cultivate closer ties.

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