Frequently Asked Questions

What is ELEVEN?

ELEVEN has been for ten years now the annual publication of NTU Muslim Society. Starting out as a simple newsletter produced by the subcommittee known as the Publicity Team, ELEVEN has taken various forms over the years, ranging from said newsletter, a Tumblr page, and a whole host of other iterations before finding our groove and crystallising into the much-anticipated annual print magazine that our audience and readers have come to know and love. ELEVEN has focused on a wide range of issues, providing a platform for youths, Muslim and non-Muslim alike, to showcase their creative talents and express their thoughts, engaging together in a safe space for intellectual expression, spiritual discourse, and personal exploration. Over the years, ELEVEN has gradually expanded our audience from the NTU Muslim community to the community at large. What was once a low-circulation publication now can boast an avid readership, easily a thousand strong. This year, ELEVEN is taking bold steps into the future by committing to the long term sustainability of the publication through maximising our use of the online space. We’re glad you could join us! Have a look around, tell us what you think, and know that you are always welcome to come back for more!

Is ELEVEN a Sem 1 adhoc now?

As ELEVEN moves online, one of the exciting changes includes YOU being able to receive an increased and more regular dose of ELEVEN. Gone are the days of waiting yearly for new content from amazing individuals from all walks of life; now that we are running in the first and second semester, you will never find your thirst for quality content unquenched again!

What’s something unique and exciting for the 14th issue?

Now that we’re online, you’ll be able to receive all types of content that was not possible before! On top of the ever-loved poetry and think pieces, get ready for video interviews, lookbooks, reviews of all things Islam and beyond.

Where will ELEVEN’s new content be primarily posted?

Catch our latest content on or keep updated with us on our Instagram @eleven.magazine and our Telegram channel, @elevenmagazine .